Monday, September 09, 2002

Windows XP Warning!!

If you are running Windows XP (Home or Professional) you NEED to go to the Windows Update site and get Service Pack 1. Not later.


This is a VERY VERY VERY bad security hole. Details are slim right now to keep the spread of hacker websites and e-mails down, but you can read a bit about it here. Mr. Gibson is a well respected computer security guru who works for The People, rather than the big corporate giants.

In short this security hole will allow a hacker to put a simple html script on a webpage or HTML e-mail document that would delete files off your computer. What files? Depends on what they target. Every Windows XP Pro machine has a folder in the C: Drive called Documents and Settings. The hacker could configure it to delete all those files and possibly folders. I'm not 100% certain it can actually delete a folder. But that's just an example.

Consider this senario. A "hacker" website has this script on their website to target common Anti-Virus applications. Then they deliberatly infect their "toolz" they have made availible for download with backdoor Trojans. Tada...they have compromised that system.

This is so serious customers, both consumer and business owners alike, should really be raising a storm to Microsoft. This is UNACCEPTABLE! A small bug here and there, ok we don't like it, but we can tolerate it. Make it this easy for hackers?? I don't think so!

Ya know those new Macs are looking better and better every day...

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