Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I really don't write here as much as I should

I spend too much time on Digg. Not that Digg is bad but I end up commenting on there instead of writing something more worth while here. I guess the reason for that is I get comments there when I write. Well sometimes. It's like a bar full of patrons watching the news together and making comments. Most are worthless but there are some good ones. Mine are better than 50% good but I've my share of dumb comments.

The point is that I read, watch and listen to news and have a voice yet I rarely use it. Not that my blog is anything but my own personal soap box, that no one reads, but it'd still be a good outlet for my thoughts. Writing helps one refine ones thoughts. There have been things I've written that I looked back on and thought, "Well that sounds stupid." Other times I simply think harder before writing and stop myself realizing that my feelings/thoughts on the subject are poorly developed or without merit.

The 'without merit' thought pops in a lot when thinking about political topics. It's easy to criticize a bill in Congress based on the misinformation in the media. It's a lot harder to go find a copy of the bill, read it and make your own informed comments. I hope I'm wrong but I suspect that many don't think any further than the media for the information that they get all worked up on. I'm sure there are advocates on both sides who are actually informed, but they'll spin the information based on their own biases, that's human nature.

The climate of the world, from my limit scope, seems to be ripe for major change. There is a lot of shit hitting the fan, but only people on the Internet seem able to see it and say something. I'm sure others see it also but prefer to keep the status quo, not wanting to 'rock the boat'. But the boat is being rocked by the sea it sits on.

  • Gas prices going way up. (I'll be buying a hybrid or advanced diesel engine car very soon)
  • An increasingly unpopular executive branch in power in the USA. (Too many issues to even begin discussing. The 2008 elections could either be the biggest turn out in a long time because everyone is sick of Bush and his crew OR it'll be a bust since everyone knows that Bush will be out anyway and anyone will be better than him.)
  • The war on terror that is a futile as the war on drugs. (We can never eliminate terrorists any more than we can drugs. At least with drugs we have a viable option. Make them legal and heavily taxed.)
  • Global warming. (Again a huge topic but one that the whole world is starting to wake up to.)
  • Corrupt businesses and organizations. (SOX, DMCA, RIAA, MPAA, Decode the acronyms but cover your eyes so that their evil does not burn out your soul, a la "Indian Jones".
It sure would be nice if the US government was once again, "We the People" instead of "We the Business People".