Sunday, August 11, 2002


I forgot how much work roofing can be. We only layed 6 bundles but my buddy/boss for some insane reason bought BLACK shingles. I really wonder about him sometimes. I gave him crap about his construction skills all day too. I know it's only a shed but wow, Bob Villa would have a heart attack in horror! Oh well. I guess I should have come over and helped before it got to the roofing stage.

I'm a bit burnt too. My arms and neck are a bit red. It's official, I'm a red neck. At least for a day or two until it fades away again to my normal pinkish-white color.

After we were done we hit his pool. AHHHHHHHH!!!! That was awesome. Actually it was a bit cold but that's ok. The kids followed shorty. We dropped diving rings and other stuff in the deep end and went diving for them. Lots of fun.

So here I am home and tired. Time for dinner. Laters. :)

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