Wednesday, August 07, 2002


Ok so i'm not the tutorial king, but I did give it a good shot. Actually over all my HTML tutorial is good and what it was intended to be. However, that said, AcidMan pointed out a pretty nasty flaw. I got a little...umm...convoluted in my explaination of how to make images show up. Just use the img src= tag(not as pretty as mine), you'll figure it out. It's not too difficult once you apply a small amount of logic. If you feel you are in short supply, go ask a Vulcan, there always seems to be a steady supply of them on TV at all hours of the day and night.

Oh and don't call me a geek cuz I mentioned Vulcan, you know what one is, so you are either a geek too or Vulcans are regular enough to have become part of our popular culture. Either way I win!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Um...yea.

Man I need to quit watching so much Invader Zim.

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