Saturday, August 10, 2002

Watching the kids

I'm playing "The Sitter" tonight. My friend, who happens to be my boss (We were friends before he became my boss) went to a wedding out of town with his wife. So I'm here at his house watching the kids. Actually they are in bed now. Four little darling SPAWNS OF SATAN!! Actually I really enjoy them, though they always wear me out. They range from 6 to 12 (i think). Three girls and one boy, poor guy. Oh course they all love me. ;)

Actually that's sometimes a problem. I'll come over and get tackled! "HI MR. MARC!!" Yes, the actually call me Mr. Marc. They do have some manners while taking you down.

I've known them for as long as I've lived here, a little over 3 years now. I tell ya what, it's freaky when suddenly the little girl you were hauling up on your shoulders and running around with one visit suddenly is too heavy to carry easily. No not fat, just growing! As it is I can only throw the youngest in the pool now. The others I just have to push! Though soon the oldest girl and the boy (sorry, I'm omiting their names as I don't have permision) are nearly big enough to pull this skinny computer geek into the pool with them!

Actually today the eldest girl (12) commented when I was tossing the youngest (6) into the pool how striking the difference in skin tones were between us. As they have been playing in the pool all summer they are nice and tan, while I, who becomes Lobster Boy in no time, is white as a sheet. I'm sure it was said innocently enough, but sheesh. I'm pink, not white!

After we played in the pool for a bit I ordered three medium pizzas from Dominos. They wouldn't agree on the toppings so I found a three one-topping coupon that worked perfect. They all got what they wanted. Yay! Score one for Marc! Unfortunatly they didn't eat as much as I thought they would. There is over a pizza and a half left! Minus one point for Marc

Before the pizza arrived and after we were done eating we watched the VCDs (Video CD) I made for the kids. I brought 12 episodes of Invader Zim and 5 of SpongeBob Squarepants. At about 12 minutes a piece this took up most of the rest of the evening. It kept them (and me) entertained and most importantly not fighting until it was time for bed. They didn't even whine too much about that. They are upstairs sound asleep. Awwww!!!

I'm crashing over here tonight myself. My boss is supposed to be back tonight, but late. Also I'm helping him roof his new shed/garage add-on. He's never shingled a roof before. Ok, he's 41, I'm 28 (almost). I've helped shingle 4 roofs, one of which was a very steeply pitched church, he has done none. I know that's not really all that unusual, but it still kinda feels weird to me. The men i grew up around, my dad, grandpas and uncles, all knew how and had many times. I guess in a way I assumed all guys were just naturally good at that stuff. Looking at the construction he's done on the rest of this add-on to his garage, I can see that is not the case. I should have come over to help sooner!

Just so that there is no confusion, I help out my boss because he's my friend, not because he's my boss. Actually his family has made me one of their own. There have been many holidays since I've moved down here that they have invited me to celebrate with them. At first it felt weird, like I was intruding on their special family times, but then I realized that they enjoyed me being there just as much as I did. It's really something special to have friends like these. So when I can help out, "sitting" or building or whatever, I do my best to do so and show my gratitude. :)

I suppose I should head to bed. I got a long hot day of laying asphalt shingles tomorrow! Ok ok, so two flats isn't much. :P

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