Saturday, September 14, 2002

Added Links

I've been meaning to add some more links that I visit often.

The Straight Dope (still active) - With a slogan like, "Fighting Ignorance Since 1973 (It's taking longer than we thought)" it's gotta be good! People write in questions about wierd and obscure things and they are answered with wit, sarcasim and as much accuracy as possible. Good reads! (Updated daily)

Webopedia (still active) - Use this site when I use computer terms that you are unfamiliar with. It's a good site for basic definitions.

Hacking Truths (404, dead) - Knowledge is power. When it comes to hackers and security, you have to know what the hackers know to stop them. This site and its author, Ankit Fadia, give people the knowledge to arm themselves against hackers. This site doesn't have it all, but when you consider that probably 90% of all hack attacks are armed with just as little knowledge, you can protect yourself against a majority of those "lamers".

I've also added a couple blogs.

True Porn Clerk Stories (dead link) - I had this link up one other time, but she moved servers on me and the link was broke. Ali has gotten things back up and running. In reality this isn't what we have come to expect as a blog, which is some what disappointing, but her stories are entertaining none the less.

Life In Louisiana (not updated since 2006) - Joies' blog. She commented on my site a week or two ago and she seems cool so I figure what the heck. LOL She better appreciate this! :รพ *grin*

Updated Link Status 06/09/2011

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