Saturday, September 28, 2002

My Desk @ Work

Earlier when I was in at work I took this picture.

I won't go into the same level of detail that I did in the last one. As you can see my desk at work is much messier than the one at home.

You don't see the far right end of my desk either. There is another monitor, keyboard and mouse there for when I'm working on other peoples computers or rebuilding them. There is also another shelf full of manuals and binders of CDs, both application and driver disks.

You can see my webcam that I have at work there too. It sits next to my squishy head stress thingie.

I have various cartoons on my cork board. My whiteboard is usually where I write things I need to take care of. I mozaic'd out some info that I felt shouldn't be shared.

I'm the only one in the company with a scanner, well except the CEO, but no one is going to be knocking on his door to use his scanner. Sometimes I actually scan legitimate work documents to put into Adobe PDF format, contracts and the like. But most often I have people wanting me to scan their photos for them. I don't rush on this stuff. I had one woman at work get tiffed at me one day. Sheesh! I'm doing YOU a favor lady, back off. I made her wait another two days. hehe

I'm proud but a little disappointed that I'm the only person at work who recycles. I mean it's not that hard people. We have recycling drop off zones all over town. I recycle cans, plastic bottles and glass here at home. I don't read the newspaper so that's not a factor. I want to get a paper shreader so I can recycle my paper too. But since most of it is mail, I want to make sure my personal info is properly destroyed, thus the desire for a shreader.

Before you think me paranoid, I just must say that I'm bad enough for my credit rating and such. I don't need someone else helping!

My computer has a white spot because my CD burner doesn't have a black face like my computer. Can you tell i'm all choked up about it too?

Heck if you see something that you are curious about ask me. I'll be happy to fill ya in.

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