Saturday, September 07, 2002


We'll I took a nap after learning how the world would end, now I'm kinda bored. My sweety is out at a conference for the next week and I miss her already! So I have to keep myself busy. I think I'll run down to Block Buster and see if there are any movies worth renting.

Da Goddess has been giving me grief about plugging AcidMans site so often. Well now I learn she has TWO (1 | 2) of them and wants me to plug hers. AND help her tweak the HTML on one of them.

I need to wear this T...


I'll see what I can do Joanie, but no promises. What i've seen suggests it may be already optimized.

Since I only have a hand full of readers I have to keep you all happy. Well no i don't, but it keeps me busy. LOL

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