Saturday, September 21, 2002

Cry Little Sister

You all may have seen this blog in my listings but never really knew what it was about nor did I talk much about it. Until today I wasn't even sure I should mention whos blog it was. I've been given permission to let you all know. Its my sweeties blog, Melly. She has decided to blog for herself. I suspect she will not want a comments section, though I have not asked. Like I said, it's more for her than anything.

She asked me to redesign it for her. I like the results. I went with the bamboo theme because bamboo is a very positive item and it has an asian taste to it and fits Mellys' sense of style. At least that I know of. I hope she likes it. :)

I don't plan on making it a habit to create Blogger templates, but this was fun!

Oh I have also moved her up to the top of my blog list, because she is my #1. :)

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