Monday, February 14, 2005

VWs Cruzing Downtown Nashville

Saturday afternoon here in Nashville it was beautiful. Warm weather, sunny sky. People were out in large numbers downtown, both tourists and locals alike. I was heading home after class (being an adult student sucks sometimes) and I was checking out all the nice cars that were being cruzed around and besides a flashy red Acura NSX, four cars stood out among the rest, three Golfs and a Jetta. I'm a VW fan (duh) but I mean it seriously when I say they stood out and in a good way. They were very clean, dropped and tricked out, but not riced out. Due to traffic I didn't have the chance to really get a great look at them but I was pretty excited to see such nice VWs anyway. I was able to pull along side as I was turning right as they were turning left. I gave them a little honk and a peace sign, to show my VW brotherhood and then like a total dork I had to tap my breaks a bit harder than I needed because traffic in front of me stopped.

Needless to say it's a tad bit embarrassing to drive like a lamer in front of those you respect. I mean I don't know those guys, but there is some pride in being a VW 'driver'. To not drive like one, as I did at that moment, is embarrassing. I might as well had said, "Hey guys look at me, I'm an uber-dork!"

I'm sure I gave those guys a good laugh, thumbs-up for them and their sweet rides. Maybe next time I'll be less of a dork. And I'll wash my car too. LOL