Monday, September 09, 2002

Website Stats

Ok since everyone is bragging about their stats, I will too. LOL

Analysed requests from Wed-04-Sep-2002 11:08 to Mon-09-Sep-2002 06:37 (4.81 days).

Successful requests for pages: 414

Average successful requests for pages per day: 85

Failed requests: 316

Redirected requests: 13

Distinct files requested: 297

Distinct hosts served: 107

Data transferred: 7.809 megabytes

Average data transferred per day: 1.622 megabytes

85 per day isn't too shabby. I can live with that. Keep in mind that these stats are for my WHOLE site, not just my homepage/blog. That's an important distinction. I have about 120 MBs of graphics and photos in my gallery. Now that Google has taken notice of my site I'm going to start beefing up those pages as well, so hopefully I'll be racking up more hits. Muahahaha!

You can look at the full stats of my site any time by going HERE. The stats are updated about ever 12 hours at 8 AM/PM, but I offen will update it during the day as well just cuz i'm bored. It's not dynamic I'm afriad. But there is a wealth of info in there. Kinda fun to look at.

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