Thursday, September 12, 2002

VW Beetle Convertable

I wasnt going to blog tonight, but I hit the VWVortex site and noticed they have an article about the new 2003 convertable Beetle. Now there have been chop shops all over creating these since the "new" Beetle was introduced, but this one is straight from Wolfsburg and it looks sharp I must say. Now it isn't my particular taste. Frankly it looks like a college girls car, but that don't not take away from it's very clean look.

If you haven't heard much about the new VWs, I invite you to take a look at VWVortex. I think you'd be surprised at the quality and skill that goes into these cars now days. They haven't always been known as a high quality car maker, but that is changing. Just look at the number of VWs you see on the road.

Here are some new models that are in the works. Most should make it to the US market in the next year or two.

VeeDubs rule! *grin*

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