Thursday, September 05, 2002

Search Phrases!

Well since installing the Analog web log analyzer I've had 5 search engine hits. One of the things that was bothering me about the web counter I have is that it cannot see what people are doing past the main page. I wanted to see if people were visiting my art galleries and tutorials (ok ok i know there are only a few so far). Well Analog does this for me. So here is what I have thus far...

making fire in photoshop - This one is pretty self explanitory for those who know what Photoshop is. For those who don't, I'll refrain from belittling you, it is the premier digital image editor. At about $600 you can understand why this application is so wildly pirated, especially as popular as it is. Adobe has released a cheaper version called Photoshop Elements. It's actually a very good product and only $120.

As for making fire, this is something many add-on products promise to give. A one click "fire" filter. Well they never really work very well. The one I did uses a stock copy of Photoshop and its filters to create very convincing fire. It's application can be a bit tricky, but hey, what do you want for nothing?

I took at look at some of the other tutorials that came up when I used that search phrase in Google and they couldn't hold a candle to my blaze! Heh! ;)

majik face 2 face - I must admit that this one confused me until I put it in Google. There is a really cool Drum 'n' Bass artist that goes by the name J Majik. He has an album called "Face 2 Face". So you see it all makes sence now. Ahhhh... The person who stumbled across my site stuck around and checked out some of my art too. That rocks!

artwork fire - Someone looking for fire artwork. Hey why not. Fire is beautiful and powerful. Most fire fighters will admit how fire is awesomely powerful and beautiful in its raw savagry. I was number 16 in the Google list on this phrase. I can take that. :)

terragen arizona - Terragen is a 3D landscape generating application. It's quite powerful and will generate some very near photo-realistic images. This person found my Arizona Sunrise picture. I hope s/he enjoyed it. I was #2 on this phrase! Whoohoo!

art drawing blog - I'm kinda surprised about this one. Talk about a vague search phrase! This turns up 13,200 hits on Google. But guess who's #1 baby! Yeah! *grin*

Ok so I don't have any freakish and/or perverted search terms in my list...yet, but I thought I'd share this. I'm happy with the results so far. I can now see what is working (or not working) and why. I already have some ideas. Maybe I'll try some this weekend.

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