Saturday, September 14, 2002

It just figures!

Last week I signed the paper work that would make my leased car my own. I refinanced it to buy it. And what happens today??

My alternator dies!

So now my poor car is sitting in my apartment parking lot after barely making it back from the Sears Auto Center. I thought the battery was just dead. It was, but my alternator is shot too. It's only putting out 6.7 volts. It suppposed to be putting out 14 volts!

I'm none too thrilled about it. The only good thing is that this didn't happen during my rush hour commute Monday morning. Bad thing is, its the weekend! I can't it fixed until Monday. My boss is out Monday! I have a lot of work to do Monday! When he's out I often take on many more responsibilities. AND our company has its annual Users Conference next week. My boss, by the way, is out on business, not pleasure.

Ok so now I have to figure out...

  1. How to get to work? All my friends and co-workers live in other parts of town. I'm out here on my own.
  2. How I'm going to get my crippled car to a shop? I'm not sure if my insurance will cover the tow, but if they do, great. If not I'm not looking forward to paying to have it hauled to the repair shop. I was barely able to make it home on battery power. I wouldn't even dare risk driving it to work or the repair shop. It's staying right where it is.
  3. Can I find a new alternator online? I've been having a hard time thus far. I'm so used to finding computer parts everywhere. Suddenly auto parts are scarce on the net. What gives with that? My car uses a Bosch alternator. That's pretty normal. The voltage is 14V, rather than 12, so that's a little different. If you know where to find part #: 028 903 028 D, please let me know!!

God this sucks. This is exactly the crap that I was avoiding when I leased to start with. Now I just signed a 4 year auto loan. Oh boy oh boy, car ownership sure is a wonderful thing!

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