Monday, September 23, 2002

Blog Templates

It seems like its blog template redecoration time around here. What the heck right? It's a lot easier and cheaper than redecorating your living room. The visuals can give viewers an idea about who you are or help set a mood. There are good and bad designs. I'm guilty of both and am constantly adjusting my own site. Why not right?

I'm not going to get into the middle of the ensuing battle over Acidmans blog template, but dude, I had nothing to do with it, just so you know. BTW, why are your comments links up sometimes, but not others?

Sugarmama returned my offer to assist fixing her blog template to work with Netscape/Mozilla & Opera with basically a middle finger to those web browers. That's no skin off my back. I teased her about it, mostly because she was being a brat, but then at the end of the day she said I could if I wanted to. I replied that i didn't want to any more because of her previous "insolence". I was of course joking. She replied by calling me a Ho, then added the "nkey" to make me a honkey. I really suspect she was just playing, but she went offline before I could find out. Brat! :P

Anyway, I've liked the changes I've seen in everyones blogs. It's fun. I will assist if I can, but only if asked and only if it is for YOUR blog. ;)

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