Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Battle Dream

Keep in mind while reading this that I have never served in the military.

I was in the Army fighting Nazis. I was in a garage with the rest of my group. The guy in charge, sargent or whatever, was my real-life boss Dave, who was in Air-Born and has served big time.

We were negotiating with some dwarves who had sided with the Nazis (yea i know, sounds silly). They were willing to spy for us if we gave them this big generator thing that was in the garage. We agreed on that. Then they saw this little girl who was in another part of the garage. What she was doing there, who knows, but she was under our care. They wanted her too. We said she wasn't "for sale". They didn't like that and said everything is for sale and tried to grab her. I stepped in at that point while Dave grabbed the girl and protected her.

The head dwarf pulled a combat knife (like the kind Rambo used) and stuck me in the left arm right where the bicept meets with the shoulder. I could feel the burning sensation of severed nerves and warm blood. Before I knew it though I had reached down with my right arm and grabbed my gun. It was a small automatic weapon, like an Uzi. I started shooting, as did the other troops with me. Three were only three or four of the dwarves, so it was a quick fire fight. But I can recall another dwarf had drawn his knife and me shooting at the blade. The bullets deflected off for an instant before breaking the blade and killing the man.

At this point I woke up and I could still feel my nerves kinda feeling wierd around my left arm where I had been "stabbed".

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