Wednesday, August 21, 2002


You know the movie cliche where the guy stands out in a public location and yells his love for the woman he loves and doesn't care who hears it? Well that is what I'm doing.

A few friends and family know of her but it's time I announce to the world that I in fact have a woman that I love very dearly. She lives a long way from here but that doesn't stop us. We spend nearly every day talking online or on the phone. We arrange for little online “dates” where we have fun together, talk, play games or other things.

There are things that prevent us from being together, but they will not last forever. And when we are together I know that will be it. I truly believe that she is my soul-mate. Period. End of story. We dream happy dreams of our future together. But we also work together today. She helps me with things like my finances, my maturity, my confidence and other great things. She has many times been able to give me the tech answer I've needed when I was stumped and I get to do the same for her. We know how to work together and work out or problems, even though we cannot be together. Sure being together would make things stronger and sometimes easier, but that doesn't mean that what we have now isn't real.

That is a big reason I have not said anything until now. I'm sick and tired of people saying it's not real, that I can't love someone online. Even from those I would hope could understand or at least accept, my friends and family, they treat this like its a bad thing. Please please, if you love me or are a true friend, understand that I am HAPPY with her. She balances me and I balance her. When we are being over the top, the other will cool the situation down. Isn't that what a good relationship is? Cooperation and caring?

Well from now on I'm not hiding it from anyone. If you don't like it, tough! If you don't understand, learn. I'm perfectly happy to try to explain it as best I can. But keep in mind, could you explain your feelings and actions when you fell in love with your mate?

And please don't try to argue against this. I've made up my mind. I've invested the last three years of my life and plan to invest the rest of them. Do you really think you can tell me something that I've not already heard a hundred times, that'll make me leave her?

I keep being told to get a real girl-friend. What is she? She is not a figment of my imagination. She is REAL.

She really truly made my birthday yesterday something special. I left her out of my thank yous last night when I blogged about it. I edited it afterward, but the damage was done. I left her out. That was wrong. I did that because trying to explain our relationship is difficult. So what? Why must she suffer so my life is easier? Why must she suffer because those who are supposed to care about me do not want to accept her? I'm not going to allow that to happen any more.


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