Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Web Browsers

Alright people, it's time we had a little talk. I've been checking out my site statistics and I've discovered there are a few of you running some VERY old web browers.

You do realize they are free right? The pie chart below will give you a break down of the browers used to visit my site.

I'm glad to see that 91% of my viewers are running newer and safer browsers (though this could be argued with the recent Internet Explorer SSL flaw!)

That said, the rest need to consider, very seriously, upgrading. Netscape 0.X??? That has GOT to be a bug. It's possible that SiteMeter simply cannot distinguish properly the newer web browsers, but it's also possible there are people out there truely running Netscape 3.0 on an old 486 in the middle of no where in a country that barely supports 14.4 modems. In that case, I'm glad they are even able to go online, hope it's not illegal for them!

The WebTV users are forgiven. I can't expect them to upgrade. Actually I suspect that 2% may be my Grandma. She enjoys here WebTV. Hey if it works, why not.

Ok so enough lecturing. You want to upgrade now after I've exposed your deep dark little secret? Or are you concerned about the SSL security risk?

Here are your options:

I hope that helps. If you are running an older PC, Mozilla and/or Opera may be your better bets. Those two also support Linux and other operating systems.

If you have any questions let me know.

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