Thursday, August 01, 2002

Response for Acidman

Dude don't sweat it if I go over your head with the geek speak. If you really have a question I'd be happy to help. I've been on the "net" for ...uh...12 years now! Oh god! My life! I can hear it screaming as it shrivels into a little ball. I actually used AOL (you gotta check out this little history archive) back when it was on DOS and only had about 10,000 users! Gad! So needless to say I've been in the "biz" for awhile now.

I'm actually trying to learn the business side of things now. I don't really mind not being a manager, I still have full control of the real power, the network and the servers! Muahahahaha! But unless I want to idle in neutral here for the rest of my life I have to learn the ins and outs of business.

In doing so I've become more and more political, in the sense that I am paying attention to the crap that is going on in goverment and even in my own office. An awful lot of the people we entrust with making the descisions that will effect us all get paid an awful lot considering how big their mess-ups can be. Payment for the stress of the job? Perhaps, but I see more stress if their paychecks are put at risk.

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