Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Why? One reason.

Saddam Hussein

I just watched "Why Can't They Kill Saddam?" on the History Channel. While I know some of it was likely propganda (who's going to call Saddam a sweety on American TV?) I feel confident that much of his history, that they brought up, was accurate. Regardless of the reasons leading up to or the excuses for the attrocities he and his goverment have commited, they are ruling through pure and simple terror.

Saddam has beaten the Iraqi people like dogs until they wimper and hide with their tails tucked between their legs. Talking out against Saddam is an offence that will get your tongue cut out. And you can bet that it wouldn't be at a hospital by a doctor with pain killers and a sharp scapel. No they'd drag your ass in the middle of a dusty square with people gathered around and remove your tongue with the first knife handy. It would be unlikely that the victim would have a doctor to care for him right away either.

The goverment has professional rapists on the payroll to torture and/or extract information from the women or the husbands/fathers of the women.

Saddam Hussein is not in power because the people want him. He is in power because he has scared the people beyond speaking.

I don't have an references so you can take this or leave it, but many of you have also read and listened to these same things. Many of the people of Iraq want Saddam out of power, preferably killed. Many even support the US doing it.

Saddam has been compared to Hitler in his sheer cruelty and lack of respect for life. Do we sit and let his terror continue? He and his goverment is the abusive husband and father who beats and terrorizes his family because he can. Because it keeps him in charge, in power. Are we the neighbor who turns his back and ignores what's going on? Saying it's none of our business? Or are we the neighbor who does something?

The UN wants to see more proof that this man is dangerous. How many people have to be tortured and die before they agree that he is evil and must be stopped? Are they blind?

Will innocents die if we go to war? Yes they will. Saddam will make sure of that. This man is not beyond using human shields. So if we go to war, we MUST win. We cannot let those who will be martyrs, of freedom for Iraq, to die in vain. There are things worth dying for. Things worth going to war for. The right to live your life in peace and security is one of them. The Iraqi people do NOT have those things. Things we have been taking for granted. America is not the terrorist here. Saddam is.

Saddam is the Al-Queda terrorist to his own people. He cares nothing for the people and only for his life and security. He wants people to think he is the savior of the Arab peoples. Driving out the westerners. Does a savior beat, kill, maim, rape and torture??

Don't turn your back and pretend these things aren't happening. To do so is to support it.

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