Monday, February 24, 2003

WebSite Update

I've updated, seriously, the photography section of my art gallery. It's not 100% complete at this point, but you are free to check out the changes. I've added a number of photos that were previously not availible on my website or were hidden. I'm not totally happy with the navigational design, but it'll do for the time being.

Part of the reason for this change was to remove the family photos that I had posted. My website gets a lot more hits than it used to and certain family members may prefer not to be posted up here. Also my website is intended to be a gallery of my artistic tallents. Most of the family photos are far from artsy.

I also wanted to reorganize the photos themselves. Now rather than being organized haphazardly by events or other criteria that made sense at the time, there are now basic catagories; Architecture, Art, Creatures, Flowers, Landscapes, and People. The last one, People, will be pretty small at first. I'm still not sure if portraits are my forte or not yet. Currently I just have a picture of my dad and my friend San. I had others but those are the ones I liked. Others were just personal, not artistic or particulary "good" photos.

Please be patient as I work on getting up the individual photo pages. Consider the thumbnails as teasers until then. ;)

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