Saturday, February 08, 2003

Potent Lyrics

I listen to Industrial music, a hard edged electronic genre. One of the bands I enjoy is Funker Vogt. I purchased their Survivor cd in January. There is a song on there that hits me in the face every time I hear it. Not because of the music but because of the lyrics. Lyrics that were written in the Spring of 2002.


They were fighting for land in earlier days

Wanting to extend their living space

They were fighting for their faith a thousand years

Call it holy war - it’s the sum of your fears

They are fighting for oil at the present time

Want to suppress all of these crimes

Fighting goes on in the next decade

It will never stop until it’s too late

They will fight for water not far from today

A limited resource after the decay

They were fighting for land in earlier days

Thought they were a superior race

History repeats itself

The war will soon begin

It’s already ten to twelve

We are almost within

A new war just started to avenge their nation

The war against terror - our new obligation

We are in a tunnel with no light at the end

The war is not over, there is more to defend

Written a year ago and it's still VERY current. And these guys are German, if you couldn't tell by the name. They have the balls to tell it how it is. None of this bubble-gum crap that you'll hear on the top-40 radio stations.

Thank god for blogs because otherwise I don't know if we Americans would even have a voice anymore, outside of CNN and other hyper-media.

I hope the lyrics are as strong to you.

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