Friday, February 07, 2003

My Very Own Nation!

Yes it's true. I rule my own nation.

It's still small and immature in some areas yet, but it's growing. The fact that I had the best defense, in my region, per captia should certainly help immigration. I'm sure in due time my nation, The Incorporated States of Hyperactivity, will become a thriving healthy country respected and envied by my neighbors.

Alright, here is the real deal. This is a little political game at It's really quite interesting. I'm sure Acidman would enjoy it. Be the ruler of your own nation. Make the rules as you see fit. But the thing I've found interesting is that some of the questions you are posed, political "issues" that you have to address are often more complicated than you realize at first. You may desire to be a nice country and end up being a police state. That is the fun thing about this. So far my country is staying pretty stable. There are certain things I wish were better, but I can't gripe too much. It IS a game after all.

Read the FAQ before you start to make sure this is something you'd really be interested in. The author admits that it's only fun for about a month before it starts to get repetative, but hey, what the heck right?

BTW, the flag up above is of my own design. Yes, you can design your own flag. Sure it's trivial, but you want your country to have some individuality don't ya?

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