Friday, February 28, 2003

Top 10 Search Terms for Feb

Here are the top 10 search terms people used to find my website. I have combined those terms that were VERY similar to one another.

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26 - making fire in photoshop - Again this phrase brings a good number of people to my website.

22 - Poser Gallery - My gallery of art created by Poser is limited due to the fact that most of the images I make, I make for Melly, but I still get people checking out my site for them.

11 - Screen Destroyer - This is just the name of a picture I created but I find it odd that people are searching for this. Will someone please enlighten me?

9 - WinDVR2 - Ugh, again? I gotta quit mentioning this peice of crapola

9 - Flame Artwork - not only do people want to know how to make fire (digitally) but they want to see fire too. Pyros. ;)

7 - Archangel - I can't tell if they are interested in the Marvel Comics character or in the religious version.

5 - Entertainment PC case - Guess people are really getting into building entertainment PCs now. Unfortunatly I dont have a lot of info for these people.

5 - Micro ATX Flex Case Quiet USB - I don't fully understand what these people were looking for, but 5 people came to my site in search of it. Interesting.

5 - stainedglass - Huh?? I don't have anything about stainedglass on my website!

4 - Blender Artwork - I have a picture called Rainbow Caught in a Blender. But Blender is a freeware 3D application. I suspect that's what these people were really looking for.

Honorable mentions:

media snake - Must have been looking for info about the MPAA or the RIAA.

woman in neverwinter night gallery - Dude just play the game and you can see plenty of 3D women walking around. This one is a bit weird.

buffeting or explained or blinker or adjudged or deal - This one totally escapes me.

Ok it was a slow month in terms of good search phrases. Guess if I had boobs and talked about sex all the time or something I'd get more hits. Oh well.

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