Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Fire Tutorial

I know it's not quite the end of the month yet, but I was checking out the popularity of my tutorials and I found that this month alone, I have had 49 unique hits to my website from web surfers searching for how to make fire in Photoshop. At this month! Ok for some people that's not much, but I'm pretty thrilled about it.

If you use the search phrase, "making fire in Photoshop" as 13 people did, I'm #1 in Google. Rock on! LOL

I really should get some more tutorials up on here too. I have a couple in my head, I've just never gotten around to writing them. Shame on me.

One would be for the game Neverwinter Nights. It has an editor with the game so you can create your own games, but there is one tricky thing that many othes mentioned, but they never went step-by-step and it took me a week to figure it out because no one went from start to finish.

The other is a long promised tutorial on how to import DEM (Digital Elevation Maps) into Terragen to create more realistic landscapes. Honestly I'm going to have to relearn that one. I think there is new software for it too, so that wouldn't be a terrible thing.

I'm also happy to create tutorials or answer questions, if I can.

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