Friday, January 31, 2003

Top 10 Search Terms

Here are the top 10 search phrases used to find my website for the month of January. I'm going to clear my stats every month to get a clearer idea of my visitors. So here they are:

reqs: search term

----: -----------

20: screen destroyer

16: windvr2

15: flame artwork

14: making fire in photoshop

12: archangel

11: poser art

11: st louis arch photos

10: poser gallery

9: fire in photoshop

8: windvr 2 patch windvr

They are all art or that damn WinDVR program related. Kinda boring I know. So here are the wierd listings:

2: webcam theory - There is a theory to webcams??

2: olsen twin sin i am internet - Apparently the Internet is self aware and it's interested in sinning with the Olsen Twins. But why?!?!

1: spongebob pinata - Poor SpongeBob, he is so abused. LOL

1: do dodge durango come with a t.v and dvd player - Dude, I don't know. Call the dealer. Sheesh.

1: nailed nuts - Makes me shudder to think!

Well those were the ones that I thought were kinda interesting. But what do I know. LOL I'll report again at the end of next month. Hopefully it'll be more interesting.

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