Friday, January 03, 2003

Good Holidays

I know I'm terrible about writing lately. Not that I don't have any great thoughts or ideas, but I've just not really felt inclined to share them with the world. Not when i can share them with Melly, love of my life.

A lot of my friends and family were worried I'd have a bad holiday because I was going to be here in Nashville by myself. But I wasn't by myself. I had Melly. Ok so she was in Maine, but that didn't stop us from spending lots of quality time together. We chatted, laughed, were serious and silly. We played games over the 'net too. We've been playing Neverwinter Nights again. Playing with her. Spending time with her has made the game a lot of fun. We get to work together. We are a great team. I don't really enjoy playing by myself. That's ok though. We got Neverwinter specifically to play together.

I know people still don't understand the relationship Melly and I have but it is really very strong. I think it's easier for them to pretend its not real than for them to try to comprehend it. That's disappointing. I mean how do you think it feels when friends and family tell you to find someone else. Someone other than the woman I love with all my heart and soul? Someone other than my soul-mate? No I stopped listening to them. They don't want to listen to me, why should I listen to them?

Anyway, back to the point. My holidays were great because of my sweet love. While some might think what we did was little and insignificant, is time with your true love ever insignificant? I don't think so. I value every moment.

even when i hate myself

even when i feel your pain when you cry

even when my heart is cold

you assure me it's worthwhile

it's all worthwhile

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