Sunday, October 20, 2002


I get a lot of search engine hits on this product so I felt it was important to note my experiences with this piece of software.


The first time I loaded it, I was running an ATI TV Wonder card. It never even let me into the interface. I assumed it was an interfacing problem as the TV Wonder isn't as popular as the full ATI All-In-Wonder card. I uninstalled it and forgot about it.

I just loaded it again because I got an ATI All-In-Wonder Raedon 8500 DV card. I figured, 'hey, I've been getting a lot of hits on this application, let me check it out. I bet it'll work fine now that have a better card."


The results were worse. I got a message saying there was an application error and pop-zoom, my computer rebooted. This happened twice. I gave up and uninstalled it again.

Sure there are probably trouble shooting FAQs I could read, but that's not the point. Software like this should work first try. This is version 2 of the software even. I think I'll just stick with the DVR capibilities built into the ATI software. InterVideo's WinDVR2 plain didn't work at all for me. Buyer beware. Their website is slow as molassis too.

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