Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Where are the comments?

I'm a bit disappointed. I know my reader count isn't high, but I hardly got any comments on my silly Star Trek thing. I guess those closet Trekers don't wanna give themselves up. Oh well, whatever. The MPEG movie snippet has been downloaded 12 times though, so SOMEONE is enjoying it. Of course there were two hits on the search engine phrase, "jolene blalock naked". Actually I'm not even shocked about that. I figured there would be tons of sites with that frame grab up on the net the next morning after it aired, but apparently I'm the only perv. LOL Yea right!

Speaking of search terms, I got one that got my attention; "how to tell your parents you have lost faith". That's a tough one. I wish I could help this kid. Faith/Religion wasn't a big thing in my family so when I lost or gained it and lost it again, it wasn't really an issue. But I'm guessing this kid (hell might be an adult for all i know) has some very orthidox parents, regardless of the faith. That can be difficult. I just hope that his/her parents are open enough to discuss this. I mean everyone goes through a phase where they question their faith. It's part of growing up. You stretch your wings and open your eyes and mind to the world. Apparently this person found that they couldn't hold strong to the faith and teachings of his/her parents religion.

Where this person is in the world and which religion factors in heavily as well. Some areas your faith is law and you could be killed for believing anything else, though I certainly hope that is not the case here! I also hope that this is not a situation where the parents would disown their child because of their dogma.

I'm hoping, keeping my fingers crossed, that this is just a case where this person simply cannot blindly follow what his/her parents do and is nervous about how to approch the subject. I'd also guess that the family doesn't have open discussions, which is really too bad. I mean if a kid can't talk to his/her parents who can they??

My advice to to feel out what the parents beliefs are. How strong are they. Will it even matter if the child doesn't believe the same. I think the more important question is what caused the loss of faith to start with. I can tell you this, don't expect to drop a bomb on parents like this and just walk away without explaining why. Not gonna happen.

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