Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Updated Link

Actually before I get to the updated link, i should point out that I added a link to Dr. Michio Kaku's website on the left. He has a number of articles on theoretical physics and science as a whole, that are a bit easier to understand than mine. LOL He's really brought heavy physics down for the lay-person. You don't have to have an advanced degree in Mathmatics (I dont! I got a C- in Calc!) to understand it. Go check him out, he's quickly becoming the new Carl Sagen.

Now for the big prize. The Supreme Bitch has a new website. The new design is inspired and quite fitting. Here premier posting on Britney Spears' little sister was just awesome. I'm not a betting man, but her odds may be worth keeping an eye on. Anyway... just go check it out.

Be Warned - This woman does not pull any punches. Her sarcasim is laced with hydrochloric acid and arsnic. I think that's why I read. It's like watching a nuclear weapon go off and seeing the beautiful but deadly mushroom cloud. KABOOM!

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