Friday, October 11, 2002

Search Phases

Ahh the fun and "interesting" list of search terms. Here are some of the more odd-ball on my list.

  1. hacking car tdi - This one is odd to me. A TDI is a turbo diesel engine developed by Volkswagen. I'm hoping that in this case hacking is used in the "coughing" sense, not as in computer hacking (they DO have computers) or worse, in the cutting sense. I suspect someone just has a car that's not running right, but it certainly caught my eye.
  2. where is jolene blalock apartment - Ok so I talk about her once and all the freaks are on the hunt. This is pretty scary too. Jolene I hope you have a good security system! I understand she is single though. However, if you just show up at the door, I really don't think she's gonna be impressed. I'm sorry but this search phrase screams STALKER!
  3. picture of a carots & garlic and art and design - Wonder what is the deal with the vegitable art? A picture of a carrot I can kinda understand, but how does garlic fit into art & design? Heh! Like I have room to question what goes on in the mind of artists?
  4. monsters movie mpeg porn - You want Henti moron, go away. Either that or this person wants to see Godzilla and King Kong getting it on.
  5. model sexy dwarf gallery - I'm not gonna go full bore on this one, because this could be totally legit. Hey if I was a dwarf I might want to see pretty looking lady dwarves too. Still I question how in the world this phrase pointed them to my site. *scratching head*
  6. Two hits on jolene blalock naked - Run Jolene! Run!! The freaks are after you!
  7. screen destroyer - I have a picture with this title, but I'm a bit conserned why so many people are interested in screen destroyers. Are they bored with screen savers? Can someone fill me in here? Am I out of the loop? Oh and I have 12 hits with this phrase thus far.

That's all the good ones I thought were worth sharing. Go though my list yourself and see what people have used to find me. It's kinda neat. I've found I get a lot more hits than I realized from the search engines.

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