Sunday, April 07, 2002

You'd think I'd learn...

I went to a party last night for a friends birthday. She turns the big three-oh Tuesday. It was a pretty slow and quiet party, which suits me perfectly. I don't like big parties. We mostly just hung out, had drinks and talked. That was fun. We played truth or dare Jenga. They were QUICK games. Of course by that point most of us had drank a little bit. ;)

About a quarter till 1 A.M. I started to feel really ill. I layed down on the floor for a minute, pretending to be playing with the cat, but the room started spinning. Ugh! I hauled my butt up off the floor and went to the bathroom. I sat there on the cool floor and kinda sorta thought about being sick. Luckly the feeling went away. I didn't wanna be a party downer, so I let San, the hostess, know I was going to go upstairs and lay down. She has two guest bedrooms and I knew she wouldn't mind.

After a bit everyone else had left. I was kinda dozing in and out of sleep, but not really getting there. San and Jen, the birthday girl, were making a lot of noise cleaning up. I went on downstairs, pretty groggy, but otherwise feeling ok, at this point. However San took one look at me and told me I was not driving home. That was probably the right thing, staying there I mean. I was pretty tired and I had a six pack to drink through out the evening.

Surprised how little? Yea, well I'm a light-wieght and I kinda forgot to eat. I always seem to do that at parties. Especially when I'm being social. It's kinda hard to talk and eat at the same time without being rude. Sounds like a good excuse anyway. More than likely I just simply forgot. Those who know me around lunch time might find it hard to believe I would forget to eat, but it does happen every once in awhile.

So anyway, I went back up stairs and just crashed leaving the girls to do thier thing. I was OUT in just a few minutes.

Normally I'm the one who is the responsible one. I think in part I let loose a little because I knew I didn't HAVE to drive. If we would have planned to go out on the town, I would have only had 2 or 3 beers early in the evening, then just drink Coke, as most likely I would have been the designated driver. However that wasn't the plan last night so there was nothing stopping me.

Humm....thinking about that for a moment, that sounds kinda sad. If I don't have to worry about driving or something else like that, I don't have much stopping me from getting sloshed in a social drinking situation. I'm glad I don't often drink by myself! A beer now and again is about it and that is far and few between. After work I'd just as soon have a Coke than a beer.

Anyway, I'm not a bad drinker, I just got in a weird spot last night. I didn't FEEL drunk, I just got that nasty pukie feeling. Hell six beers in almost as many hours is hardly heavy drinking.

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