Saturday, April 20, 2002

Workin' Out

All through school and college before doing any sport or workout you stretchhed. It was just normal and the right thing to do. I kinda fell out of that routine when I cycled every where for 2 years, of course I was in great shape then too. Now, though I'm still nice and slim, I'm SOOOOOO way out of shape. I can barely ride a couple miles without getting pooped. It's pretty pathetic.

So as a solution I desided to get some dumbbells. No not a couple low IQ goobers, but some weights. I was hoping for 15 lbs dumbbells, but they were all sold out. The sales guy was a trainer in training, so I took his advice, as it sounded reasonable. I got two 10 lbs dumbbells. It was either those or 30 lbs. Umm...I don't think so. I thought the 10 lbs dumbbells were going to be too light, but again I took his advice and went with them. He suggested more reps is all. I'm trying to get into shape after all, not go for the Mr. Universe title.

As soon as I got home I went online and found a dumbbell workout that seemed pretty good. I got all set and started at it. I was trying hard to get the form and technique down. If I'm going to do this, I don't want to hurt myself after all.

I quickly realized that the 10 lb weights were just fine! Ok so it makes me sound wimpy, but I got my muscles burning pretty quickly. Afterwards as I paced around keeping my body from stiffing up, I realized what I forgot. I DIDN'T STRETCH!!

I was able to do my stretching afterwards and i'm not really hurting, but I'm a little worried about what tomorrow will bring. BTW, wish me luck on this. I hope I can get into shape again and maybe put some muscles on this little bod of mine.

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