Sunday, October 26, 2003

Potent Lyrical Content

For a long time I listened to music more for the music itself and the lyrics really didn't do much for me. Of course this was probably poison from the chart topper radio stations, who play the flavor of the week. Many, not all, but many of these groups have weak lyrics.

The last couple of years I really got into Industrial and EBM (a off shoot of Industrial) music. I used to listen a bit to the older stuff way back when and even when I started listening to the newer stuff I wasn't really listening to the lyrics as much as I was the music.

The I discovered a few groups, with the help of Digital Gunfire, that actually have cool music as well as very intellegent lyrical content. Often the mood is dark, but sometimes very optimistic. They are real emotions that most mainstream groups will stay away from. They are adult emotions instead of teen emotions, complex and powerful.

Even if you don't like electronic music the lyrics are still very strong on their own, poetry if you will. To me that makes the music even stronger.

I'm certain there are many other generas that have good strong adult (not adult in the sexual sense) lyrical content. Industrial happens to be the one I'm enjoying for now. As it's not very accessible to many people I felt it would be some what helpful for me to suggest a couple of groups; VNV Nation and Assemblage 23.

Lyrics Links: (for those who'd prefer not to listen to electronica but still want to know what i'm talking about)

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