Sunday, October 26, 2003


I removed some blogs from my list this afternoon. They were either no longer active or rarely updated. To those individuals, please don't take it personally. But the purpose of the links is more for MY convenience than anyone else's. If you're not writing, what's the point of me going there?

Out of curiosity I looked at the others lists. A couple of them were VERY long lists. I wonder, do these people read all those blogs regularly or is it just a cross-linking kinda thing. I've read various blogs where the author was a self proclaimed link-whore. I know the more cross links you have the more visible your website/blog will be on certain search engines, but I still don't get it.

My website has a bit more content, aside from my blog such as my art, my webcams, my Unreal Tournament 2003 Skins, and tutorials, so more visibility to my site would give the world more access to those items, but many blogs are just blogs with their only content being their writings. In some cases that's more than enough. There are some exceptionally entertaining writers out there. But in other cases you wonder why they even bother.

I guess all in all this is just one mans opinion. I put blog links on my site because I choose to. Because I am entertained by the blog I've linked to. Maybe that makes me a link-prude.

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