Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Monday I had a statistics exam. I really did not feel prepared for the exam at all. I should have studied a lot more.

The test was tough and I used the entire time allotted to us. When I finally handed it in, I really didn't feel very confident about my chances of passing. I figured if I passed it would be just barely.

Well we got our exam scores tonight and I managed to get an 80%! I could barely believe that. I still have a hard time with it. I wonder if he gave me partial credit for trying my best and leaving brain juice on the paper as I strained and wringed my brain trying to fnd the knowledge to do the problems.

A few of the problems I got wrong were big "DUH!"s, but I was suprized at the number I DID get right. All in all this was a pleasent suprise. About the only good thing that happend for me today. I think I'll celebrate with some beer.

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