Wednesday, April 30, 2003

So you want to be a Jedi do you?

Well this guy certainly does. Lets face it, most males who grew up with Starwars have done this in some fashion or another. Of course most of us didn't have a video camera. Nor were we foolish enough to record it. Nor were we dumb enough to leave said tape where a brother could post it to the Internet.

I don't know this poor dolt, I got this from my friend John who found it on the net somewhere, but I felt this was worthy of sharing.

This first video is the original lightsaber routine. I don't remember Luke or Yoda moving like a ballet dancer, but hey. To each their own. (3MB)

The second video is what someone else did with this poor Jedi's dance routine. Oh the humanity. (~1.1MB)

Be prepared to laugh!

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