Thursday, April 03, 2003

Memories of Spring

On the way home I rolled down the windows and I took a deep breath of Spring time. I brought back memories of days when things seemed a lot simpler.

I thought about how in my late teens/early 20s my friends and I would hang out in cool Spring evenings. The air fresh and full of clean smells. Cut grass is one of the best smells after Winter. Some may argue that point, but I think the smell takes most people back to their childhoods, unless they cut grass for a living. LOL

So we'd walk down to the grocery store, sometimes drive, but we'd get a soda and a big bag of sun flower seed and just hang out, play some basketball or toss the football around. But more often than not we'd go sit on the corner (this was a quiet little neighborhood in Lincoln, Nebraska) eat sunflower seeds and talk for hours.

I've been trying to figure out all night what in the world we talked about, but it was probably pretty layed back. Cars, stereos, girls, etc. Now we all have careers, some of them are married. Some have kids now.

I don't keep in touch as well any more. Most of them still live in the same ol' city and here I am in Nashville. I don't regret my choice to move. I can't bring back those simple days when spending a relaxed evening with the buds, but I can fondly remember those days.

You don't realize how simple those pleasures really are when you're doing them. None of us were big drinkers. A few smoked. But here we were happy to eat seeds and drink sodas or Gatoraid.

We did other things together as we got older, like hanging out at the lake and water sking, but as much fun as that was it's not the same as that corner. I guess the bottom line is that the weather, the smells, Spring time made me realize today that I miss my ol' buddies.

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