Thursday, March 13, 2003

Working Late Again

Sometimes I hate databases. Oh wait...thats not sometimes, that's most of the time. In rare occations I am happy with them, but most of the time they are just a pain in the ass.

I know this is overly techy, but here is what I have to do.

  1. Run a backup on the database. (30 minutes, at least) While this runs I'll sit and twiddle my thumbs.
  2. Run a database "rebuild". (30 mintues) Twiddle thumbs some more.
  3. Add some specific data calculations to particular database fields. (5-10 minutes) At least this is active work.
  4. Run another rebuild to apply the new calculations. (45-60 minutes) Go get some dinner.
  5. Test system to make sure nothing blows up. (10-15 minutes)

Total time 2 to 2 1/2 hours, starting at 5:30pm because I cannot do anything while people are still in the system.

I wish I had a TV here or something. Ugh. I'll probably actually do some other work. I can't stand sitting here doing nothing.

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