Friday, March 21, 2003


The majority of Americans are Christian or Jewish. Many churches have programs to help the unfortunate. And now these same HYPOCRITES are protesting the war, saying we shouldn't be over there. We shouldn't be helping liberate these poor, hungry, beaten unfortunate souls.

Hell I'm agnostic and I have enough heart to know these people need our help!

It's not just America either, it's the whole world. Saddam is an evil man who will teach his children to be as cruel and ruthless as he is. Why allow a dangerous circle like that continue? Is it easier to turn your back on your abusive neighbor than to do something about it? Easier to make deals with the devil than to fight him?

I've read how this about oil and how we are declaring war on Islam. What the hell are these people thinking?? The United States has its own oil fields in Alaska, possibly as large as those in Iraq. I think the oil arguement is paranoid. And when has Islam ever been an issue here? We have no problems with Muslims. We have problems with evil dictators who lie, murder and rape.

To all those Muslims out there; we have no problem with your beliefs. Look at the United States with all its various religions and denominations. We are open to all beliefs. Do you really want to claim Saddam as a brother?

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