Saturday, March 08, 2003

They don't get it

The AP is saying that people may start sit-ins and other social distruptive activities if war breaks out in Iraq. They don't get it do they?

If war starts we cannot go in half assed then pull out and back in. If we go in we have to finish this. Doing what we did during Desert Storm will not work and will only cause the destruction and hell everyone is so afraid of. We have to get rid of Saddam and then help the country rebuild. It has to be all or nothing.

These activists and protestors think that if they cause enough trouble here they can stop the war once it's started. Well if they succeed I say the lost lives and destruction that was caused for nothing is on THEIR heads.

If this war starts we have to be unified and support those troops that are risking their lives. Support those people who will be liberated once we are done.

The college student war protests were almost funny. "Books Not Bombs"?? This is nothing but a political ploy by those who are trying to get more funding for colleges. They are taking advantage of the situation and young students who are fairly gulible (hey I remember college, its not easy to get talked into dumb things). It's really pretty sad and pathetic of the person who started that little campaign. Hell even if we weren't going to war they wouldn't get the money so what is the deal?

I for one am going to be really f'n pissed off if people start treating our soldiers like they did the soldiers back during Vietnam. Those guys deserve our respect and support.

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