Saturday, March 29, 2003

Weird Day

Man I don't know if I'm dealing with mild depression or what, but nothing sounds fun. I find myself wanting to escape in TV or movies. TV hasn't been very helpful today. Not much of anything worth watching on. I'm thinking of going to see The Core tonight. (Sorry no link and searching for "The core movie" on Google give more "soft core" than The Core results.)

I woke up late, finding little reason to get up. I had to run some errands this morning and stop in at the office to fix the voice mail computer. (It needed a new CPU fan and power supply.) Good thing I planned on that today. The CPU fan totally died right before I turned it off. It's been making bad noises all week.

I find myself torn. I want to have fun and get over this "blah". But I also want to let it take me and just be all sapped out. Luckly I am fighting it. I don't like being depressed and I don't give up the fight easily.

I'm sure i'll get over it. Just a matter of being happy. I think I will go see a movie tonight. Getting out of the house will certainly do me good. Maybe stop at Applebees before the movie, have dinner and maybe a beer. Don't worry the movie theater is right next door. Besides, you don't want to drink a lot before going to see a movie. Sheesh, that's just dumb! LOL

In all seriousness, don't worry about me. I'm just using my blog today as an outlet. I'm a tough bugger and i've been though a helluva lot worse than this.

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