Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Holiday Fun

Monday I sent an email though our company to have them submit to me video for our Christmas party. Last year we had a few people do video and most gave me still photos, which I turned into a video slide show that we presented at last years party.

We also had one person do a skit. She did a spoof of a local pool and spa commercial. It was great!

There were two problems that plauged me last year. One, I had never done any video editing before, so I had to learn QUICKLY. Two, the video capture device I had was CRAP. The results were decent editing, I learn fast, with grainy digitized video with the sound off sync.

Well this year I have more time and better tools. Hopefully I can produce something I can be more proud of this year. The company was pretty impressed at what I had done. Actually I was too. I learned it and compiled it all in one week. Anyone who has done any digital video editing knows that is quite an accomplishment for a newbie. Ok Ok, i'm tooting my own horn there.

In any case I hope to have some really good stuff this year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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