Friday, November 01, 2002


My boss had his annual haunted house again this year. When I started helping out a few years ago it was pretty wild. It seems to be dropping off, but we still have fun anyway.

We aren't gory or anything like that. We get a lot of kids who come through, so often the masks are enough to creep them out.

I hid in a cave for a bit. It was pitch dark. They'd reluctantly enter talking about how they couldn't see anything and then BAM! I'd turn on the strobe light. Sometimes I'd becon them forward, "Come! Come into my cave! I won't bite!" Then as they turned the corer (our cave was a U shape) my buddy would jump out in his skeleton outfit and yell, "But I will!" (bite that is)

I got tired of hanging out in the dark after a bit (plus my mask is hot!) so I took it off, but left on my cloak (which I made myself BTW) and led the poor unfortunate souls through the Den of DOOM! Muahahaha!

It was fun. Hope you enjoy the pictures I took.



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