Thursday, May 02, 2002

What happened to "quality"?

Well here is the scoop on my computer. The IDE controller on the motherboard is bad. In simple terms, this means that the hard drive cannot properly speak with the rest of the computer, rendering it virtually useless.

Good news is that this means all my data, that I thought I might have lost, is safe and sound.

Bad news is that it'll take at least two weeks for the motherboard to be fixed or replaced. So in the meantime I'm borrowing a work laptop. It sucks cuz it's not very powerful and I can't really make art on it.
Other bad news is that I bought a new 60 GB drive to replace the other drive, which I thought was bad. I can use the drive space, but it seems like a waste of money now. I considered taking the drive back, but CompUSA charges a 15% restocking fee. Sorry, but that's not worth it.

ASUS, the manufacturer of my motherboard is being very easy going about repairing/replacing it, but still, this is supposed to be one of the top-tier motherboard companies. I'm quite disappointed that this board has failed. Generally if a piece of hardware, without moving parts, is going to fail, it'll fail in the first few days or not at all. For it to fail suddenly like this, months after it's been installed, working great, is unusual.

Well at least I'm not completely dead in the water.

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