Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Computer Update

Those of you who are regular visitors to my site have no doubt noticed that my home webcam pictures haven't changed in awhile. Well as i noted a few blogs ago, my computers motherboard died, leaving me without my computer. I'm working off a temp from work, but its limited functionality does not allow me to play with my cam. Ah well.

My replacement motherboard (under warrentee) should be here any day now, FINALLY! I've been chomping at the bit to get it back. Once i get it back I expect to do a bit more art as well as a couple other things i've been considering doing or putting off.

For instance, I have yet to create my tutorials page. I only have one tutorial prepared, but I have others I want to create. This would, in theory give more draw power to my site.

That brings me to my next delema. Do I join a couple web-rings or not. A ring is basically a collection of similar websites which have a navigational control, usually at the bottom of the page, to allow a user to surf various similar websites. I've refrained thus far because frankly I find the navigational tools a bit ugly. However this is one great way to get my website see more. The basic rule on the net now, unless you are willing to pay for search engine placement (yea right!) is you have to link to a lot of websites and they have to link to you. The more valid links, the better. Of course the sites you link to have to be well visited/ranked as well other wise its kinda moot.

Mostly I want to share my artwork more. There are a number of art websites out there such as, Renderosity and DeviantART, which is currently down apparently. Gee maybe I should find another! heh! The great thing about these sites is that they allow anyone to upload thier art to be displayed and judged by other artists. I like getting comments from others, it helps me improve my work. On the flipside to that however, there are some real jerks there that will not offer constructive critisim. The bad thing is that your work can easily become lost or seem less significant in the sea of images. While here on my site, they are alone together. Judgement is less subject to the bias that one might get by looking at a much better artist. I think i'm pretty good, but there are many other artists out there who have worked thier skills even harder and have impressive works. It is hard to judge a nice $25000 car when there is a $150,000 exotic sports car sitting right there next to it.

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