Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Those who know me well know I can be a stubborn man. It's not like I'm stupid

stubborn, but I know I can do anything I set my mind to. It might take
me longer or require me to request the aid of an expert, but I'll do it.

Well I've been challenged. I don't think it was an intentional challenge, but
the gantlet has been thrown. My parents don't believe I can handle the house
I'm buying. I don't think it's about the payments or if I can handle home ownership.
I believe they feel I cannot handle working on the house. It does need
some work, but not a lot. There are a few rooms I'll want to remodel eventually,
but for now they are fine. The kitchen and bathroom are a bit dated, but quite
functional. The den and office have some cheap paneling up on the walls and
ceiling that I would like to replace with drywall. There are some minor drainage
issues too, but a spade, gravel and some perforated pipe will go a long way
towards fixing that.

Is this house going to be work? Yes it is? Are there more skilled and qualified
people that could make this house into more that I could? Probably? Does that
mean I can't do it though? No it doesn't. I may have to pay a bit more here
and there but I can also save money here and there because of the friends I
have and their friends who do many of the things I'll be wanting to do. For
instance, my office roomies' husband used to build cabinets. Who's to say I
couldn't save hundreds if not thousands of dollars hiring him to build custom
cabinets, rather than buy expensive pre-fab units?

Bottom line is that if someone (parents or otherwise) is going to try to talk
me out of something, never question my ability to handle it. I'll do it just
to prove them wrong and I'll do it WELL.

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