Thursday, August 12, 2004

Out with the old...

I removed a couple blogs (from the left) that I wasn't reading any more. I also removed a couple links on the right as well. I use them for my own personal use as much as 'advertising' other peoples sites. They were simply taking up space. Away with you!

I did, however, add a new blog. Alton Browns' Rants & Raves. Those of you who don't know who he is, he's the host of Good Eats on the Food Network. It's a great show, informative and entertaining at the same time. Of course the same could be said for Iron Chef, but most of that stuff I wouldn't want to eat.

Anyway, I found his blog to be as entertaining as his show, though with a slightly sharper edge, though I believe that to be a good thing. Tell it how you mean it AB!

If you have never seen Good Eats, try it a couple times, you might like it. It's on at 6 PM CST/7 PM EST. Mountain and Pacific time zones, your on your own.

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