Thursday, March 25, 2004

Blog anniversary

After a posting by SugarMama, I have suddenly realized that on April 6th, my blog will officially be two years old. I have had various personal websites prior to that, but not a 'blog'. I have been with Blogger from day one too. I know a lot of blogs I have read over the last two years jumped ship, and I'm sure they had perfectly valid reasons, but I think something has to be said for any product (on the Internet) that has been used successfully for 2 years by anyone. Products come and go, but Blogger is still alive.

And amazingly so is my blog. I know my readership is low and that's ok. I don't post that often and it's pretty banal when I do. I haven't posted any new art or photography in a long time either. I have some nice pictures of my cats though and a few recent pictures of some scenery but aside from that I've been focusing my time on my sweetie and school.

Anyway, it's interesting to me to go look through my archives (to the right) and read about the things I thought were important at the time. It's like an old journal I found from 1988. Man I was a wacky kid. Of course not much has changed. LOL

A special thanks to my readers who actually post comments. Thanks to the ones who don't too, but I'd love you more if you'd leave me sweet little love notes. ;) LOL Does that make me a comment whore?

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