Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Statistics Exam

I rocked my stats exam. I screwed up a couple questions though. Questions I should have gotten right, had I not made dumb mistakes. I can't complain about a 90% though.

The first problem was simply a calculation error. I had all the variables correct, I just hit the wrong buttons on my calculator when figuring the equation. (BTW, I don't us a statistical calculator. I actually figure through the equations.) It was a disappointing mistake. I asked my professor about it after class, because I was confused as to why my answers were so far off. Once we both realized it was just a calculator error we both thought...DUH! Well I suspect that's what he was thinking. Perhaps he'll give me back a point or two, but i'm not going to expect that.

The second problem was a legitimate mistake that I don't deserve any points back on. It's a case of second guessing my first answer and being wrong. If I had left the problem alone I would have gotten it right, but I second guessed myself and screwed up. He didn't take as many point off for it as he should have so I should be thankful. Makes me kick myself though because that's an age old rule. Go with your gut, it'll very often be the right answer.

Ah well. Like I said, I can't really complain about a 90%.

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